Chicken or the egg?

Me in the mornings

I must be the worlds best procrastinator. I wake up and have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with my day I do know that whatever it is it won’t be massively life changing (for me) anyway. You would think that at my age (57) I would have had a set life plan, know what I’m going to do when I retire-Aaagghh!!!-thats a good one. Retire? Isn’t  that when the government finally decides to let me know at what age I’m officially allowed to be put out to pasture. So, who can make plans? I used to find it hard before but its doubly hard to do so now. Writing this at 7.45 in the morning and my thought processes have not completely kicked in yet, when they do they will overwhelm me and not let me finish this blog for a week or two. I’ll be very surprised if they do anyway. I’ve had one cup of coffee  so far today (to warm m’hands) I prefer my first drink of the day to be either fresh juice-when affordable-or tea, when we remember to buy the bags. It was too cold to venture out to the local corner shop last night. We are on the East coast of England and it must have been at the very least -4 degrees below freezing. ( Must figure out how to use symbols on this computer, I’m sure it’ll make life easier-Anyone know how?) Significant Other is now up and made me my second cup, which tastes almost as vile as the first but, you know, its hot. I’m dressed and ready for my first excursion to the local shop. It’s still only 8.20am and the thought process is surprising clear so far. I’m managing to get this written without any undue stress. Really surprised. Better if I get out of the self defeating habit of over-analyzing everything and just get it done. 12.15pm What had started off as a pretty up-beat day got worse when I checked M’bank balance. I reckon I should have 2 pay days a month, but then again would I be taxed twice? Took my debit card to get some “bits and bob’s” from the corner shop…bearing in mind I had just read the balance from the ATM, said card was rejected. I was gutted. (S.O’s) brother’s dog died in the night, he was 18 year old. Ancient  for a Jack Russell. 22/01/2012 Not quite 2 weeks to complete this blog. In fact its only been 5 days. I’m happy with that. Like everyone else I get a buzz from completing a task and rewarding myself accordingly, even if its just a coffee or a “lovely cuppa tea” as Emma Newman, an accomplished author and twitter friend would imbibe. Quite by chance I was researching “time boxes” this afternoon in an effort to help me overcome my lack of inertia when it comes to actually complete a task and the simple use of a kitchen timer helps enormously and in ways I could not begin to describe here so have a look here I have managed to complete 2 tasks I otherwise would not have. Also thanks go to Sue Bisson Todd of Canada for the gentle nudge to get me going.